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Velvety soft and luxurious, this nutrient dense formula will deeply hydrate, smooth skin texture, even skin tone & help to reduce signs of aging. Rich with intensely repairing & moisturising properties to reawaken & revitalise your skin.

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Anoint your face with this luxurious skin treatment. Velvety soft, this nutrient dense formula will deeply hydrate, smooth skin texture, even skin tone & help to reduce signs of aging. Rich with intensely repairing & moisturising properties to reawaken & revitalise your skin.


The Facial Oil Range

Orphic (adj.) Mysterious, Entrancing, Ineffable


Lucent (adj.) Softly Bright, Radiant, Glowing


Lavender / The Original


Perfect for young, ageing, sun damaged, dry or oily skin types. Also a beneficial treatment for eczema, psoriasis and dry/itchy skin.



Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil*, Hemp Oil*, Hazlenut Oil, Jojoba Oil*, Rosehip Oil*, Argan Oil* with:


Sweet Orange*, Petitgrain*, Bergamot*, Lemon*, Rosemary*, Spearmint*


Sweet Orange*, Cedarwood Atlas*, Lavender Bulgaria*, Palmarosa*, Rose Otto*, Vanilla CO2 Extract*


Lavender Oil*

*Denotes Certified Organic



Use once or twice a day on face & neck after cleansing. Warm the oil between your fingers and massage into a damp/wet face, then leave to dry. Suitable for most skin types.

If your shoulders or back area are prone to breakouts, use this oil blend instead of the Raw Body Oil to nourish and hydrate those areas.

Although it is highly doubtful and harm could be made using these products, it is still advised to test this product on a small area of your body before use.


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Orphic, Élan, Lucent, Lavender

5 reviews for Facial Oil

  1. Tori Clapham

    I am absolutely obsessed with the Wild skincare oils. Not only do they smell AMAZING but they leave your skin feeling so juicy and nourished – not stripped like other products! If you’re new to using oils, do not fear them! Start using them at night until you’re comfortable with using during the day and or under makeup. I also like to massage a small amount of the face oil into my skin before I put on a rich and creamy night cream. Amazing combo. These oils saved my skin when flying internationally!

  2. Brittney Daniels

    Usually, I’m not one for facial oil! It has always led my skin to breakout horribly! BUT, this product has been an absolute god send – It’s the only oil I’ve found that truly understands my acne prone skin!
    One of the most beneficial outcomes this oil offers is it’s gentle nourishment. It absorbs so well into my skin I wear it both day and night, diminishing the redness of my breakouts overnight!
    For someone who has always felt obliged to wear make up due to the insecurities of my skin – this oil has finally given me the confidence to rock a bare face! How wild 😉

  3. Chloe Stephens

    My skin wasn’t exactly problematic, but I did get eczema around my eyes every winter (not fun). I use the Cleansing Oil once a day in the shower and use the moisturising Facial Oil at night and HOLY MOLY. This is the first winter that I haven’t had any dryness. My skin looked dull before and now it’s evenly toned and hydrated. I am ecstatic that I have found something that I can trust, that works and is good for you. Can not recommend these products enough!!

  4. Chloe Webb

    My combination skin has always fluctuated between oily and dry, often all at once. But this golden oil has given me a skin care/self care routine I can TRUST to keep my skin not only balanced, but supple and glowing! Earlier this year I was diagnosed with PCOS and almost instantly the breakouts commonly linked to PCOS began to crash my party, but with the consistent use of this pure liquid gold those breakouts ain’t showing up around here no more. I wholeheartedly implore you to let yourself marinade in the raw goodness of Wild ✨

  5. Paris

    Wow wow wow!!! This smells amazing and Keeps my face hydrated all day. Winter really drys out my face but this keeps it hydrated all day long! Highly recommend this for any skin types, great for dry or sensitive skin!

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