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Feed your face the nutrients it needs to be fresh, young, glowing and hydrated.  Collection includes Facial Oil, Oil Face Cleanser & Scrub of your choice.

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Feed your face the nutrients it needs to be fresh, young, glowing and hydrated.

Each ingredient actively works to nourish and moisturise your skin. Perfect for most skin types including young, ageing, sun damaged, dry or oily.


*Select one from two options; Sugar Jojoba / Coffee Coconut

See each individual item for further information, benefits and ingredients.

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Weight 1.3 kg

Oatmeal, Sugar Jojoba, Coffee Coconut

3 reviews for FEED-YOUR-FACE

  1. Connie

    I bought the kit because I wanted to start my tox-free skincare routine and move into the realms of organically looking after my skin.
    All of these products far exceeded my expectations. I have always spent an absolute fortune and tried a million and one products on my skin.
    I suffered from painful cystic hormonal acne all around my chin and jaw. Harsh products stripped my skin and left me completely sallow, uneven and lack lustre looking.
    My skin became incredibly oily around 11 am and my make up looked dry and I looked far older than I am.
    Within a few days of using the products my friends began commenting on my skin without them knowing I was trying anything different.
    Every time I wash my skin it’s become this luxurious ritual where I feel relaxed, nourished and pampered.
    Thank you for saving my skin!

  2. Troy Wright

    Absolutely fabulous products. When I wake up go for a shower the first I use is the coffee coco face scrub after that I use the the face cleanser after the shower I use the face moisturiser. I have never felt my skin feel so good and look so youthful and shiny.
    I had problems with dry oily skin but after using these I don’t have dry oily skin I now have smooth skin that stays moisturised all day.
    If your looking for natural organic and non chemical products that aren’t going to strip the good stuff from your skin this is the best thing your skin can ever ask you for and your skin will love you for it.
    I haven’t gone back to the other moisturisers, face cleansers and scrubs since going on these and I absolutely love how my skin has changed. Thank you so much my skin is saved x

  3. rebecca.houghton

    After trying chemical filled products at the assurance of beauticians to help with my skin issues, it wasn’t until I decided to try Wild that I began to see the results I was after. I have dermatitis around my eyes and the skin becomes red and inflamed -I was trapped in the circle of buying a $140.00 tube of cream every two months to keep it ‘mild.’ With Wild, the skin around my eyes is finally HEALING and soothed, my pimple scarring is lessening and mostly my skin has never FELT so good. These changes only took weeks, not months.
    The face moisturiser is a BLESSING under primer and foundation, it stops the make up sinking into your pores and the cleanser removes eye makeup so easily! Even my lashes are healthier. The products double up in so many ways, you can’t go wrong.
    The scrub makes your skin feel renewed without the harsh, rough feeling from chemical alternatives and gives a beautiful glow.

    I’ve never had skin that feels so loved. Can’t wait to see the progress 12 months in!

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