Sugar Jojoba Scrub

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This unbelievably delicious scrub will gently exfoliate, whilst nurturing, rejuvenating and protecting your skin. It may assist in reducing the signs of stretch marks, scars, cellulite & blocked pores.

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This citrusy sweet exfoliant will inspire your senses and reveal your bright, luminous skin. Whilst it gently removes dead skin cells, make-up and impurities, it will deeply hydrate, cleanse, nourish and boost skin radiance.

We all know, cellulite does not discriminate. Skinny, curvy, tall, short, we ALL get it. This amazing Sugar scrub is loaded with benefits and nutrients. It not only clears the skin of dead cells and impurities, but also the massage and exfoliation effect stimulates blood/lymph flow helping to reduce cellulite.

The Jojoba Oil is also an emollient; it soothes skin and unclogs hair cells; perfect for the back of thighs!

This sugary emulsion aids in circulation, stimulation, repair and hydration and assists in reducing the signs of stretch marks and scaring.



ALL CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Sugar, Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Oil with sweet Orange and Lavender essential Oil.

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Very gently massage into skin with circular motions, taking care around your eyes. Rinse with warm water. The scrub will leave a soft and luxurious film of oilS on your your skin, for best results do not wash this off. Suitable for most skin types.

Use a spoon, not your fingers, to keep your scrub fresher for longer.

Although it is highly doubtful and harm could be made using these products, it is still advised to test this product on a small area of your body before use.

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Weight .500 kg

2 reviews for Sugar Jojoba Scrub

  1. Bec

    This scrub leaves my face and body feeling smooth and squeaky clean. Itโ€™s super easy to use and so good for my skin, and tastes pretty good too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Shelley

    Delicious sugary product that I just want an endless supply of!!! A great exfoliant that leaves the skin super soft and moisturised!!! Love this product!!

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